Destination: Paris, Meaux, Amiens, Arras

From US$ 990 6 days excluding flights


This trip has been created for people intereseted in history and specially for those who have special interest in the First World War (Great War). 1914 was the year when this horrible war started in Europe but splashed to all oceans. Arrived to new “european” territories which after some and even before the war they got the Independence (african colonies, asian colonies, Australia, New Zealand) and some new nations like USA. A war thatb was declared after the murder of the heir of the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand (Emperor’s nephew). But this war had started before. High tension between France and Germany, Germany and Great Britain, Rusia and Austria-Hungary…

While this trip we will know how the soldiers lived in the trenches, what policies had to take the governments, and how changed that war the world vision and some decisons provoked another war 2 decades later.


1 day
Meeting in Paris in our hotel for a welcome meeting. Meet our tourleader at 18:00. During our meeting you will be informed about the trip, the activities and the times. After the meeting we will go to have a welcome dinner to keep talking about the trip and meet the rest of the group.


2 day
The second day we will catch a train to Meaux to explore the Museum of the Great War at the Marne (famous for a battle). After the visit, in the afternoon we will return to Paris. Free afternoon.


3 day
In the morning, After breakfast we will go to Amiens by train, northwest to Paris. After check in we could walk through the city doing an orientation walk with our tourleader when we can visit important monuments like the Cathedral. In the afternoon we will do a workshop “How it would change the history if the Conference in Versailles 1919 would have been different”


4 day
After breakfast we will collect our bikes and then we go to Albert, by train. After visit the Museum 1916 (where we can Discover how the soldiers lived at the trenches). Then we will do a cycling tour discovering important places and memorials at Somme Valley. In the afternoon we will go back to Amiens. Free evening.


5 day
After breakfast we will catch again the train to go north, to Arras, where alter Discovery the city center we will do a tour through the medieval tunnels which were used by soldiers during the war. Also we will visit the Memorial of Arras. In the afternoon we will return to Amiens.


6 day
Fisih our services after check out. If you need information about how to arrive to your airport, contact us


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